2020 Event #1 in Salem

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2020 Event #1 in Salem

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Registration for BRR-SCCA Event #1 is undergoing a final review and should be open in the next couple of days.
Here is what I can share with you now...
The entrance cap is 60 drivers
Due to the uncertainty with the schedule, we won't be counting season points for any events this year, so there won't be any year end awards.
There is a reference to Speedwaiver, but that isn't up yet. Speedwaiver is a new Motorsportreg product that you can use to agree to the event waiver with your smartphone. I have copied the standard SCCA waiver text into the waiver box on Motorsportreg. That is the back up in case Speedwaiver isn't ready in time. Entrants will have to agree to that to register.
I built self tech questions into the registration. The entrants will be required to answer the questions and type their name into a box for agreement.
BRR SCCA Pandemic Event Operating Procedures
PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and Situational Awareness
Please read this entire document before you register for the event. That will allow you to make an educated decision about attending the event

If you are at higher risk for severe illness, or if you are sick, or if you have been in contact with anyone that is sick in the last two weeks, or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath, please stay home.

BRR will provide nitrile gloves for workers, cleaning supplies for equipment, and hand sanitizer for use by all participants.

Participants must supply their own face covering / mask. If you don’t have a mask you will not be permitted to participate and be asked to leave the event site.

Things are not “normal”. The world has changed. Please remember that. Limit physical contact; refrain and discourage hugs, handshakes, and high-fives.

Registration - All registration, payment, and check in will be done electronically on www.Motorsportreg.com. Online pre-registration will be open until midnight the day before the event.
We will leave registration open until 90 minutes before the drivers meeting (approximately 8:30 AM) on the day of the event. You must complete online registration and payment by that time. We strongly suggest that you pre-register. There will be a $20 late registration fee for online registration after midnight the day before the event.
Payments will be processed the after the event.

Waivers will be signed using Speedwaiver on Motorsportreg.com. You must have a smart phone to complete this process. This must be completed 90 minutes before the drivers meeting on the day of the event. There will not be any paper waivers or wristbands.

Please understand that the steps above are the only way to register and participate in this event. If you show up and are unable or unwilling to register this way, you will not be able to participate.

Face masks - A properly worn face mask (covering nose and mouth) is required any time you are outside of your car.

Loaner helmets - BRR loaner helmets will not be available. This does not exempt you from the requirement to wear an approved helmet when you compete. Participants should not share helmets.

Spectators, co-drivers, passengers - Spectators are prohibited. You must be entered as a participant in the event to be on site.
Co-drivers are limited to people who normally live together.
Passengers (event participants riding in the same car) are prohibited.

Driver’s meeting - The driver’s meeting will be available on the public address system and broadcast on 103.1 FM at the event site. You are encouraged to listen to the driver’s meeting on your car radio.
The run work order will be posted on the BRR live timing site at http://www.brr-scca.org/live/

Tech Inspection - Entrants are required to fill out the self tech certification in the online registration form

Course walking - Entrants should follow social distancing guidelines (wearing face masks and maintaining a 6 ft. separation) while walking the course.
There will not be a guided course walk.
People who normally live together may walk together, but must wear face masks.

Paddock and Grid -These areas will be laid out to allow event operations and maintain social distancing. Please respect the markings as you use these areas.

Worker stations - Course workers (flag stations, starter, grid) are required to wear face masks and nitrile gloves.
Course workers at the same work station should remain at least 6 feet apart.
Only one person will handle the flag and radio. This person will also be responsible for sanitizing the equipment at the start and the end of the shift. The cleaning procedure will be demonstrated at the event.
Only the computer operator and timing audit worker will be allowed in the trailer during the event. They are required to wear gloves and face masks.
This computer operator will also be responsible for sanitizing the equipment at the start and end of the shift. The cleaning procedure will be demonstrated at the event.

Water - Participants are encouraged to bring their own drinks for proper hydration during the event.
BRR will have a limited supply of un-refrigerated bottled water for course workers.

Trophies - There will not be a formal awards ceremony following the event.
Trophies will be available on a table for pick up after the event.
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