September 29, 2003

RE: Year End Points Race

The points have been totaled through Septemberís event in Staunton. Keep in mind that the maximum number of scoring events is one less than the total number of events for the year. Also, this list only includes classes in which we have had competitors in at least four of the events this year. If you were the only one in your class, you received credit for the event, but not the associated points.

This table shows the leader in the listed class and the credited points. An outside accounting firm has not checked it, so thereforeÖthese are not the FINAL standings. J If your name isnít listed here you need to drive faster.



Name Class Points

Chuck Cessna FP 32

Jim Michaels ASP 92

Jeff Underwood CSP 96

Tony Hodges DSP 56

Gene Woodward SM 89

Matt Ingraham STS 108

Maury Hamill CS 32

Tim Russell ES 90

Todd Tignor FS 89

Mark Eisenbies GS 93

Ray Schumin HS 78

Lynn Combs SS 57

Ruth Grolman Ladies 96

Steve StJohn SM2 80



Todd Baumgardner

Solo II Chairman